Kyjen Tail Teasers


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Kyjen’s Tail Teasers exercise toy is made with a single piece of rope that covers the entire flexible pole.

Extra-reinforced squeaking tail attachments make this toy super durable and fun!

The furry critter on the end of the tough nylon rope can be tossed around and controlled by the owner to accommodate different types of exercise.

Tail Teasers can be used to train dogs who typically become high-maintenance due to the inability to play on their own. You can also use the Tail Teasers outdoors to trigger a realistic game of instinctive chase. Tail Teasers are also ideal for indoor entertainment during inclement weather.

In addition, older, less-active dogs enjoy Tail Teasers, as they may be used as a low-impact form of exercise. They’re great for dogs of all physical abilities!

Comes with a spare “teaser”.

Great for large cats too!


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