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The NoBowl Feeding System, a new and genius invention that replaces the bowl with the hunt to, letting your cat stalk, trap and play with its food the way nature intended. This commonsense solution relies on a cat’s natural instincts to support overall feline mental and physical wellness. Clean, safe and easy to use, the NoBowl Feeding System dispenses the dry food your cat loves in a way that triggers the inborn feline cycle of hunting, playing with prey, eating, grooming and sleeping. The NoBowl Feeding System reawakens your cat’s natural instincts helping it become what it always wanted to be­ a happy, healthy hunter.
The idea for the NoBowl Feeding System belongs to practicing veterinarian Liz Bales, VMD. A lifelong cat lover, Dr. Bales is a devoted proponent of feline environmental enrichment, the study of the needs and well ­being of indoor cats

Each NoBowl Feeding System set includes:
  • 1 NoBowl Trainer complete with multiple dispensing holes
  • 5 Naked NoBowls each with two dispensing holes – designed for any size kibble
  • 5 NoBowl Skins designed to simulate the tactile feel of prey allowing your cat to grab, claw and use its teeth as it would in the hunt
  • 1 NoBowl Portion Filler which will holds 1.6 tablespoons (1/5th the daily ration of an average 10lb cat).

Designed and tested in the USA. Manufactured in China.
Intended only for use by cats. Not intended as a toy for other animals or children.
Remove from cat if any part becomes loose or damaged.

Plastic NoBowls, Trainer, and Portion Filler: Food grade plastic. Dishwasher safe (top rack).
Fabric skin content: Nylon/Rayon fibers. Machine washable/Line Dry.


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